Monday, December 19, 2016

New Beginnings Part 2

Included below are a few pics from the refreshment phase of the office. This phase is lasting a bit longer than I'd hoped for, however, what joy it is to see it coming together.  

This brings up a most important question for you! 
We are in a unique position to ask you what YOU would like to see come to YOUR wellness center?  That's right; YOUR wellness center.  
If you've been a client or patient for Health Coaching, CRT, Essential Oils, Products, or Therapeutic Massage, it means you've played an important role in the wellness center and in taking care of your health and well being.  Even if your brand new! 
Now is the time to let me know what YOU want to see come to the wellness center!  Comment below,  comment on the Business Facebook page, private message me, or email me with your ideas.  
Remember, we're in this together!
With joy, Coach Katy

p.s. already I've received ideas from some about Essential Oil workshops, CRT introduction and review workshops, Make and Take workshops, Food/beverage recipes for living well, and even more Wellness Walks!  How about Acupuncture? How about Chiropractic? What about a Nutritionist? What are YOUR thoughts?

"old" colors shown in the restroom... I forgot to take "before" pics elsewhere in the office before painting began.
"refreshment color" in the works...

Hmmm... That's interesting!  LOL

ahhh... this big wall was once the red and gold wall with dark brown trim.
 Now very refreshing to lighten things up!

painting the hallway

painting the new CRT room!

This Florida gal is dreaming of a White Christmas!  (it is now 82 degrees and muggy outside) 

Here we are just one week away from Christmas and what began in November is continuing throughout the month of December.  In my November blog, I mentioned the idea of "new beginnings" as not typical thinking for this time of year.  What I've discovered is it's one of the most wonderful seasons for new beginnings and thinking on such.  Especially now.  The temptation is to become distracted by all there is to do.   Or, perhaps distracted by heartbreak.  For many it can be one of the most heartbreaking seasons. Full of memories of losing a loved one, living with chronic illness, or a diagnosis, and more.  Maybe the hustle-n-bustle of our more commercial way of celebrating Christmas has you spinning in circles and feeling exhausted!  Perhaps it's a combo of some of the above.
Dare I encourage you to slow down?!  Yes, take time to recall what newness Christmas can bring.  The historical account of how Christ was born to save us!  That alone brings much hope to this new day. Even if you're not a Christ follower.  The hope of the One who came to bring new life... well, I pray that strikes a chord in your heart to want to know more of the real history and hope for your future!  
I'd love to hear from you.  How is this week before Christmas impacting your life?  How will you celebrate Christmas?  What joys and sorrows come to your heart's mind?

Mercy, Peace, and love be yours in abundance.

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